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Your Summer Anthem is Speed of Sound by Coldplay

All that noise, and all that sound,
All those places I got found.
And birds go flying at the speed of sound,
to show you how it all began.

You're out of your mind this summer, in a good way.

bill cosby

cause after all ur my wonderwall...

now that i have recovered from fri nite, i can write it down...

or type it down...

anyway, friday nite was the big nite for me. almost 9 years in waiting...i saw oasis at tyhw tweeter center. last time i saw them there my seats sucked and i couldnt actually see them adn the pavillion show was cancelled 2 years back, so 2 me, this was the first time i saw them. omg i love them sooo much. i have not listened 2 ne band as long as i have with them. jus wow. since we didnt wana sit in traffic for 5 hours, we (me + my bro went to the show n my dad drove us knowin i was 2 excited/ nervous to funtcion) left our house at 7.15 (knowing the openin act sucked neway). we got off the exit at 8.08! and between traffic entering, we got outta the car at like 8.15. wohoo-one hour! so we got there n jet was jus coming on (good band). we saw them and sang along since we know the songs from seein them last summer. it was good. they gott off the stage at 8.45ish. i hada wait til 9.20 for oasis 2 come on. easily the longest 35 min of my entire life ever. they came out 2 the music of 'fuckin in the bushes' and i almost died when i saw them. noel, liam, gem, andy n zak. they r my gods (if only zak became an offical member of the band). so they did sum new stuff which kicked ass, the oldies (life forever, rock n roll star). jus awsome. champagne supernova was amazing. that one performance was the best. every1 was into the song and it was jus a fun place 2 b. the encore was songbird, wonderwall, dont look back..., n my generation. my dad called me durin wonderwall. wtf. i cant talk durin a show. lol. i jus answered the phone, let him listen, n hung up on him. i know, im a great daughter. after the show was fun. i got my bro his own oasis shirt n then we gave random guys high fives n me n one of them almost hugged (??) but i walkeed away. outside i went to the oasis van n got free shit like an oasis box of matches n coasters. yay!? then i watched the dvd that was playin n sang the song (masterplan). then me n michael decided it was time 2 walk 2 the end of thr parkin lot. we sang and yelled at random pple all the way down the parkin lot. i yelled tamborine boy at the guy who caught liams tamborine. i seriously could have raped him for havin that. we found my dad n i had no voice. we get 2 the car n put the radio on n wonderwall comes on since the show jus ended. we blasted it and sang and stuf our arms out the window at random british guys :-). got home at like 12.20 and i had no voice on sat. i have never gone to a show where i totally lost my voice for that long of a time.
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tears stream down ur face
wen u lose sumtin u cannot replace
tears stream down ur face and i
tears stream down ur face
i promise u i will learn from my mistakes
tears stream down ur face and i

since everything in the world is now bullshit, i have given u a great coldplay song. i will not stop listenin to 'fix you' if my life depended on it. why? cause of stupid fuckin cunts out there who like 2 ruin a good thing for good people. atleast my oasis/jet show is on fri so that will make me feel better given that i hate the position i am in

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Keane are amazing the second time around...

so i saw Keane for the second time this year on sat wit my bro. this show was sooo much more awsome than the last time (n even that kicked ass). it was in southie at the pavillion. my seats kicked soooo much ass. i sang like every song and had no voice wen i got out. so now im not sure whos babies i must have- josh groban or tom chaplin (singer for keane). sum chick my bro knows was at the show, but we didnt know where she was sittin so he could not pimp at the show at all.

i cut my finger n it hurts like a bitch

the oasis cd came out last week n i finally got it 2 work. i can not wait to see them at the end of the month.

watch the yellowcard dvd xtra part. god that violinist is funny

if me n kristen run into each otha one more time in friendlys we r both gonna offical think the other one is a stalker

should i start a u2 countdown?

bill cosby n my bro r such pimps

i needa go 2 castle island. im prob gonna go sum nite this week. thanks 2 mark i now want a soft serve from sullivans. no where else is acceptable

awful joke from this week- the gun show

louie-r u still alive? and why arent r u driving me n lauren 2 the beach wit u? we can totaly like jus read our porn books there
bill cosby

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Your Marriage to Josh Groban by camderosa
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o yea, and if u dont know john-well get 2 know him. he is the frickin hottest,skinniest guy i have ever known (me love chubby men) and he loves anna kornakova + me. im tryin 2 see if i can arrange a day wen anna magically appears in his bed and they go at it like wild monkeys while that creepy-ishly huge pic of snoop dogg watches. o yea, the clock next 2 his bed is fast. the cable one works fine. his cousin will b in the next room over and will still call his phone (and prob can hear me laugin my ass off). AND the best part-my sneaker looks like i was attacked by friggin shark thanks to john + peter's ferrit named 'jojo' (totaly spelt wrong and i dont give a rats ass!). i also 'buy' him cd's and let kristen yell at me for it
louie got a car. wtf. now he cant say hes havin sex in an imaginary car nemore. why? because it now exists. i bet hes gonna put his baseball hat collection in the trunk and like whip it open at the beach 2 get girls. *meow**purrrrr*
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So tonite I went to my second wake in a week. This was a tough one to get through, but luckily I knew a bunch of people there who I knew wouldn't have wanted to see me sad, so I tried to be as good as possible. Just how many more people can I take? In a span of 6 days (thurs-tues), I knew or was connected with, 3 people in my life passed away. This one hit a spot with me. I just didnt think things would end this way. None of us did. I cant help but think about it. Everyone says I look sad. You can hear it in my voice. I dont think Ive been totaly okay all week. This goin from last week wen my frined called me and this was the fri the Pope was sick. I know these people are in a better place, but it still doesnt help heal the pain. I knew how much this was gonna make me sad, but no one else did, until tonite. It was clear I looked sad. All week I tried to jus seem ok, but wasnt. how could i be? this was such a long week, jus because of deaths.I was gonna mayb go by laurens after the wake, but couldnt. i was jus 2 upset. she understands. we r goin 2 eat 2morow nite. mayb this will cheer me up. its like one thing after an anotha. how much more must i go thru? i jus hate this feeling so much. im always happy n goofy. i jus need a few days to digest things i guess.

The only good news this week was : I scored a ticket to a sox-yankees game. yes, i did. go me
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the pope died 2.5 hours ago. this is a sad sad day for catholic people (although i know people off all religions did respect him for things he did in this world). i jus hope the next pope isnt some new liberal kinda guy who wants to bring the church into the year 2005. thats jus me tho. i know to do that means loosing many aspects of our religion we were taught over the years.

im on my way to mass rite now. this will be a hard mass to sit through

ive had a pair of rosary beads in my pocket all day

he also happened to pass away the same week as a fellow co worker of mine, phylis.
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